A brighter smile | teeth whitening for coffee stains.

Does anyone else struggle with smiling in photos of them because they wish their teeth were whiter or is it just me? I had the most crooked teeth in middle school and spent so much time and money straightening them… but then my coffee and sweet tea addiction stained those finally straight teeth. And let’s be real, mom life only deepened my love and addiction of coffee. 🤪 I’ve always wanted to work on whitening my smile, but it’s sooooo expensive to do it “properly” at the dentist. I also have really sensitive teeth, so I’ve always been nervous about how much it would hurt. 😬

Insert Smile Brilliant

They reached out to me a while back and gifted me their custom-fitted at-home teeth whitening kit in exchange for trying it out and letting you guys know what I thought! They’ve even offered to give away one of their custom whitening kits, valued at $149, to one of you!!! Which is amazing! All you have to do is click this link to enter. (open to USA, UK, Australian and Canadian residents) You can also use the code “musingsofamamabird15” for 15% off your purchase! It’s the perfect social distancing activity.. 😏

It costs a fraction of the price of a whitening session at the dentist and they have a kit specifically designed for sensitive teeth!

They send the kit in the mail, complete with everything you need to make a 100% customized whitening tray that fits your teeth perfectly so that the whitening gel will reach every angle of your teeth! How stinking cool is that? The process of making the mold totally reminds me of those days at the orthodontists office haha. After the molds are ready, they get shipped off to Smile Brilliant so that they can turn them into the custom fitted trays! (the process for shipment is detailed on instructions in the box so that there’s no mix up in the process) The molds fit perfectly and the process was super easy!

*a little tip from the wonderful Smile Brilliant employee I worked with for those of you with sensitive teeth, rub some coconut oil on your gums before every session to reduce any pain/sensitivity from the whitening gel. I did it every time and it worked really well!*

I was skeptical at first that I would see results in the first few sessions, but my husband and I were shocked to see clear results after just a single session!! You can leave the gel on for anywhere between 1 and 3 hours, and do the sessions as often as once a day or space them out a bit. With my sensitivity, I found that giving myself a few days between whitening sessions helped significantly.

All in all, I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a really good whitening system that you can easily do from the comfort of your home in your cozy jammies! (which is pretty much perfect right now since we’re all quarantined for “social distancing” haha!) It’s affordable and it really works. 🖤

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