Stocking Stuffers for the Kids.

I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited for stockings as I am this year! Seriously, I am obsessed. So obsessed that I felt like I needed to share in case you’ve been on the fence about any of these sweet little things! πŸ–€

Lets start with Levi’s stocking:

I’ve tried really hard this year to make sure the toys we’ve gotten the kids are mostly open-ended toys, books, and toys that give back.. whether that be through fair trade, meals for hungry children, or toys for kids in need.

I am obsessed with Maileg mice. They are the sweetest little vintage mice dolls you’ve ever seen, and they have the sweetest dollhouse pieces you can get for them! I love that you can slowly build a collection a little at a time! (super hero, clown, strong man)

Little musical instruments are always amazing stocking stuffers! This year, each of them is getting a wooden maraca from Little Cottonwood and Levi is getting a set of drumsticks from For King and Country. They’re also getting this little white piano and a wooden guitar from Little Cottonwood, but those don’t fit in their stockings. πŸ˜‰ (Also, this reindeer is also from Maileg… for real, I’m obsessed.)

One of the few “characters” were getting for Levi is this little set of Pixar Cars! It’s one of his favorite movies and I will do pretty much anything to hear him say “light keen” (aka. Lightning McQueen) over and over 😍

You guys, Usborne books are probably my favorite. Like, ever. I have collected like 30 since Levi was born and they’re all just so good! This set is the teeniest set and fits perfectly in his stocking!! I got a set for Abby too that I’ll share below. This set has 4 tiny books about construction trucks and he’s going to love them!

I cannot say enough about Bannor Toys. We collaborated a while back, when Abby was first born and they are just the sweetest, most well-made heirloom wooden toys. I’ve since bought a million other things from them, one of which is this little mini train with Levi’s name on it. 😍 I cannot wait to put this in his baby box when he outgrows it!

I’ve also decided to throw in a couple Hot Wheels and a set of bath crayons for some extra fun!

Okay, onto Abby’s stocking!

I am obviously having way too much fun being a girl mom, but this is seriously the cutest stocking ever. 😍

Of course our little matching Maileg reindeer and the prettiest wooden wand from Bannor Toys!

With Abby being a baby still, we decided we’d throw in a couple of her favorite Bibs pacifiers from Boef in the prettiest colors, and the sweetest little doll I’ve ever seen. I really hope this little doll is the one she grows attached to and wants to take with her everywhere because I seriously cannot handle it!

Rainbows! (but not super bright, colorful rainbows.. because my neutrals loving heart couldn’t handle that) A Little Chew teether and a Meri Meri rattle from Darling Clementine!

Speaking of teether, we found this sweet little teether clip to match some of our Wildbird slings at this sweet Etsy shop!

Bath toys! I love getting them fun little bath toys, and this sweet little boat (I also got a light pink one) was from Rose and Rex, where each toy you buy helps give toys to children in need!

The sweetest little lion from Maileg to go with Levi’s strong man mouse… to remember the year they went dressed as a lion and a strong man to Trunk or Treat! 😍

Here’s Abby’s little stocking stuffer book set from Usborne books! “Happy Baby: Baby’s First Black and White Library

And Abby’s maraca from Little Cottonwood!

I also decided to throw in her very first sippy cup (since she’s always trying to take her brothers) and her very first bottle of puffs!

That’s it!! So what are you putting in your stockings this year? ☺️

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