Our Charlie Crane Rocker. 🖤

Since getting involved in the Instagram influencer world after getting pregnant with Abby, I have found so many amazing baby products that I wish I had with Levi! It’s the reason I wanted to start my blog, to share those amazing products with my friends. I have fallen in love with beautiful, wooden heirloom type things that will last for my babies’ babies.. one of which is our Charlie Crane Rocker from Finn + Emma. This sweet rocker is absolutely beautiful and like a cozy hammock to snuggle into for babies. It’s lightweight, so I can move it wherever Levi decides we’ll be that day — the sunroom, the kitchen table, the nursery floor, outside at the beach or a picnic, you can really take it just about anywhere! (I think my favorite is when I put her in it so I can get a shower. 😉 can I get an amen, mamas? 🙌🏻) Abby plays in it, naps in it… Levi even likes to sit in it and chill in a tiny recliner! haha It’s a tiny bit pricier than most rockers, but I’m so glad I went with this one because I know it’ll last a lot longer than those cheap bouncers from Walmart that we got for Levi when he was a baby! And it’s just so darn pretty 🖤

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