A Letter to My Levi Before Your Sister Arrives

To my little Levi:
I’ll love you forever.
I’ll like you for always.
As long as I’m living.
My baby you’ll be.

Cherishing these last few days of just Mommy and Levi before I have two babies to love on. 💙Things I never want to forget about you at 19 months:

– your love for that tiny plastic Marshall dog who you call “baby”. “Baby” goes everywhere with you and you snuggle him to sleep every night!

– the way you use my belly as a seat and give me all the snuggles and kisses.

– the way your vocabulary and ability to communicate with us is exploding.

– the way you call a spoon or fork a “buddah” and call every color “bwue” even though you know all your colors.

– how you run to your cabinet and grab a bowl and your spoon to bring to the table while excitedly saying “mmm! nom nom!” to let us know you’re hungry.

– all of the ridiculously adorable animal noises you make, and how every week you add a new letter of the alphabet to your vocabulary.

– your new obsession with “teees”, which is your way of asking for warm chamomile in your bottle.

– that your finger is always in your belly button, we’re not really sure why but boy is it adorable!

– how much your face lights up when you get to dress like your daddy or help your daddy with projects. your love for drilling and sawing and blowing off anything and everything with your mini leaf blower.

– the way you say “yayyy!” when you get excited and the way you say “bium” instead of boing when you bounce. a few other fun words you say.. “wa” for water, “buck” for hockey puck, “weee!” for slide, “weow” for kitties, “ball” for oranges, “dock” for socks, “dit” for sit, and “eww” for trash which you love to throw away (and sometimes get carried away and end up throwing away your toys or sippy cups)

– the way you hug my belly with both arms wrapped tightly around it as you plant giant kisses on it and say “baby!” … and how you point to your belly and say “baby” too because you think you have a baby in your belly just like Mama!

– the way you say “weele weele weele pshhhh” when you’re ready to put your shoes on because Mama always says “Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, push!”

– the way raise your hand in the car to worship music and ask to pray by saying “nen!” every time we sit down to eat or get ready for bed

– and the way you say “mama!” over and over and over again because you want more than anything in the world at that moment for me to see what you’re doing and be proud of you. I love you my sweet boy!

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