Abby’s Baby “Sprinkle” Tea Party

My mom and my best friend threw me the sweetest little surprise tea party “sprinkle” for our little Abby this weekend and I felt so loved! For anyone who doesn’t know (like myself before it was explained to me), a sprinkle is like a mini shower (get it? 😉) for moms who have already had babies and have most of the things they need, but may still need a few things for the second baby (a second car seat and a second changing pad, or gender specific things like little girl or little boy clothing). We had delicious mini quiches, tea cookies, French macarons, cream puffs, raspberry lemonade punch, a selection of sandwiches that included egg salad, ham + cheese, and cucumber cream cheese! And the worlds cutest selection of teas and antiqued tea cups (found at our local antique stores and Goodwill). For favors, they had little baggies of handmade organic goats milk + rose petal soap (made by my best friend), a few different tea bags, and champagne gummy bears! My friend brought a little board book for everyone to use as a guestbook and the cutest pink and rose gold confetti filled balloons!! We drank some tea, played a few games, won some prizes (the most adorable tea kettle kitchen timers), got to show off the nursery, and had an amazing time catching up with some of my very favorite mama friends! It was the perfect day!! 💕

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