Donuts, Jesus, and PinkBlush.

Sunday’s are for donuts and Jesus. 💗 Can I get an Amen? 🙌🏻 Our church serves donuts and coffee every Sunday in the lobby and I love it so much haha

Did any of you get to try these adorable heart shaped boston cream donuts from Dunkin? SO. STINKIN. GOOD. I may or may not have eaten half a dozen this week. 🙊

Also, this gorgeous pink PinkBlush maternity shirt is my new favorite maternity top. It’s so soft and so flattering, and it’s pretty much the perfect shade of pink. 💗 It also has this amazing zipper in the front that makes it a great nursing top too for after Abby’s born!

Top: PinkBlush Maternity // Leggings: Blanqi // Letterboars: Oak + Made

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