Maternity Jeans | PinkBlush

Let’s talk about maternity jeans. This time around, I tried to pull off regular jeans with a hair tie for as long as I could, but it was getting bad. I think I flashed a few too many people my underwear through the unzipped zipper there at the end… whoops! When it came time to find some actual maternity jeans, I accumulated a stack that just didn’t fit.  Either they weren’t stretchy, so it makes chasing a toddler difficult, weren’t soft and comfy (a definite no-go for this comfy clothes loving mama), or the belly band just didn’t fit right. Then I stumbled upon PinkBlush‘s jeans. I have worn these jeans so much since they came in, it’s almost ridiculous. It feels so good to wear jeans that fit right now, and be able to put together outfits that are actual outfits instead of leggings and a t-shirt (although, I still love my leggings). And they’re so flattering! Mamas… head to their website and snag a pair or two of what will be your new favorite maternity jeans! They’ll also be really good for those first few weeks or months postpartum when you’re just not ready to give up the stretchy waistband.

Pst! They also have sales all. the. time. and tons of other great maternity clothing like dresses, robes, etc. I’ll post a review of some other clothing from them soon! I’ve got lots on the way. 😉

5 thoughts on “Maternity Jeans | PinkBlush

  1. It looks good in you. You know when I am pregnant I kept using my old jeans and just leaving it unzipped but yeah I gues it would’ve been more comfortable if I’ve worn that kind of jeans too. 🙂


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