Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Does anyone else feel like Valentine’s Day is one of those days that’s really hard to shop for? I mean, Christmas just came and went a couple weeks ago! I always end up feeling like all the gifts my family has asked for were under the tree, and there’s really nothing left. I can’t be the only one.. right?

With a little over three weeks until Valentine’s Day, I went ahead and put together a couple gift guides for your family! One for dads, one for moms, and one for those sweet babies and toddlers of yours. Let’s start off with Dad!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Dads

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

  1. Leather Journal: If your husband is like mine, he loves to journal. Mine uses his for music, song lyrics, Bible journaling, notes about things he wants to build, etc. I love this leather bound notebook because not only does it come with a lined journal, but it’s actually refillable! So when they’re finished filling this one up, they can swap it out for a new one and keep going!
  2. Coffee Mug: How cute is this mug?! My husband drinks a ridiculous amount of coffee a day, and I cannot wait to get him this mug. I thought the lipstick kiss was a nice little Valentine’s Day touch!
  3. JORD Wooden Watch: Okay, so I found this watch for my husband Christmas of 2016, and he loves it! He seriously wears it almost every single day. The quality is amazing, the design is minimalist, and it’s just a super manly and sexy gift. (The sandalwood and smoke is my personal favorite.)
  4. Resort Style Bath Robe: For years, the thing my husband loved most about resort vacations was the super fancy bath robes that he got to wear while there. Hilarious, I know, but he loved them! They were always way too expensive for him to spend the money on himself, but when I gifted him one, it was his favorite gift that year. He uses it after every shower, and says it’s a really easy, comfy way to dry off. (He got me one for my birthday last year, and he’s totally right!)
  5. Custom Gold Foil Map: I completely fell in love with this print when I saw it on Minted. I mean, how sweet would it be to have a map of the city where you met or got married, took your honeymoon, or even bought your first house together! Seriously, so romantic! They have hundreds of states, cities, and countries to choose from, but they also have a custom option if your map of choice isn’t available.
  6. Amazon Alexa/Echo Dot: We bought our Echo Dot during last year’s Prime Day, and I am completely obsessed. It’s like having a personal assistant to help me with my daily life. I don’t think I’ve even begun to scratch the surface of the things she can do! We listen to music, have a partial smart home, purchase things of Amazon, ask her all sorts of questions… it’s seriously incredible!
  7. Leatherman: My husband is my handy man. In fact, I call him “My Handy Dan” on a regular basis. 😉 He fixes pretty much everything around our house, and loves to build things with his hands. I was actually surprised to find that he didn’t already have a leatherman (this man seriously has every.single.tool. known to man) and knew I had to get him one! It was by far one of his favorite gifts this year. He carries and uses it every day, and constantly tells me “This is seriously the greatest gift!” If your hubbie is remotely handy, definitely jump on this one!
  8. Dad Jokes Book: Since finding out we were pregnant with our first, my husband and I have tried to “clean up” every aspect of our lives.. including our jokes, which is definitely a guy thing. No more dirty jokes when you have tiny ears running around, hanging on your every word! When I found this book on Amazon, I knew I had to get it for him. Not only is it just a hilarious gift in general, but it actually has some great, clean jokes in it! Totally corny dad jokes, but still gets a good laugh out of the room.
  9. Wooden Docking Station: According to my husband, anything “cool” that’s also leather or wood is a good, manly “husband gift”. I feel like anyone and everyone could use a docking station to keep your bedside table or kitchen counters clean and organized, but this dark walnut one with a spot for his wallet, keys, and watch seemed too cool to pass up!
  10. Canvas + Leather Duffel: This is a gift for the traveling husband. I bought one for my husband a couple years ago and he loves it! Men always pack light, so they almost never need an actual suitcase. This canvas and leather duffel is the perfect size for most needs, the stitching on the leather straps is high quality, it has zipper pockets for smaller items, and it’s even carry-on size for airline travel!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Moms

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

  1. Heart Mug: I have been eyeing this mug from Magnolia Market for weeks now. It’s sturdy and beyond adorable for Valentine’s Day without being something cheap and cheesy like most Valentine’s mugs I stumbled across. I’m secretly hoping my husband sees this in time for my Valentine’s gift!
  2. Gold Dipped Rose: This is the perfect, elegant gift for the love of your life. It’s like getting her a bouquet of red roses, but one that will last forever and can be displayed somewhere in your home for her to show off.
  3. Heart-Shaped Pancake Molds: These are amazing for a really cute Valentine’s Day (or weekend) breakfast. I got myself a set this year to make heart-shaped pancakes and eggs for my husband and toddler, and I’m so excited to surprise them!
  4. Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Husbands? Chocolate covered strawberries are always a winner. Especially when they’re this cute.
  5. Framed Silhouette: This company is amazing! I’ve used them several times for jewelry and Christmas ornaments, but they also do printed silhouettes that are precious and timeless. Send in a photo of your kiddos (they do animals too if you’re a pet parent!) and viola! Instant heartwarming gift!
  6. Initial Necklace: I have loved this necklace for years now. It’s so simple, yet so pretty. The initial can be her first initial, a baby’s initial, your last name initial, etc. So many options!
  7. Soaking Salts: These soaking salts are perfect for a spa-like bath at home. If you go with this as a gift, pair with a candle and bottle of wine, make sure to take the kids for a designated afternoon and give her a little mini spa day in the comfort of your home!
  8. Cozy Plush Pink Robe: There is nothing better than being snuggled up in a cozy, plush robe, and this one is the perfect pink! (Perfect for Valentine’s Day!)
  9. Box of Chocolates: Another staple gift. You can really never go wrong with a box of chocolates… just make sure it’s not the only gift you give her. You don’t want it to seem like a cop-out! 😉
  10. Heart-Shaped Portable Charger: This portable charger comes in both gold and rose gold, and she will love it. I’m thinking of getting myself one because not only is it adorable, it’s compact, will attach to my diaper bag, and I am always in need of a charger when out and about with the babies!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Babies and Toddlers

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Babies and Toddlers

  1. Pink Elephant Teether: We had the Sophie Giraffe version of this toy for my son when he was teething and he loved it.. but this little pink elephant is just too cute for words!
  2. Wooden Cookie Baking Set: I don’t have a little girl to buy this for (yet!) but this little wooden cookie baking set it so, so cute! It’s totally on our list of things to get our little soon-to-be-baby this time next year.
  3. Reversible Heart Bib: I definitely bought this bib tonight. This is a limited edition release they do every year, and I have been waiting for them to come back around this year! They have a couple different patterns, and I love that they’re reversible and absolutely gorgeous!
  4. Teddy Bear: This sweet little bear is from a company called Bears for Humanity. If you haven’t heard about them, for every bear you buy, they gift an identical bear to a little child in need. I bought this for Levi before he was born, and he’s become completely attached to him. Teddy literally comes everywhere with us now, and every time I see him snuggle him or kiss him, I think of the other little baby out there somewhere snuggling their matching bear… and then I get all emotional (Thank you pregnancy hormones)
  5. Mother-Daughter Necklace Set: Okay, seriously… how sweet is this mother-daughter necklace set?? They fit inside of each other, and I just can’t wait to get a set for Abby in a couple years!
  6. Heart-Shaped Chalk: This is something cute and little to stuff your child’s Valentine’s Day goodie bag. I love that they’re in the shape of hearts!
  7. Books: We have all of these books and love them!
    1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!
    2. Guess How Much I Love You
    3. I Love You Through and Through
  8. Felt Donuts: These are just too cute for words. I can’t wait to have a little girl who wants to “cook” and “bake” in her little mini kitchen!
  9. Marshall and Firetruck: We have officially reached the Paw Patrol obsession phase, and Marshall is Levi’s favorite! (Which is nice because it’s red, which totally makes it the perfect little boy gift for Valentine’s Day!)
  10. Cupid Dog Duplo Set: This is soooo cute. I would totally buy this for Levi, but I think he’s still a little young for Legos because he just gets sad when they “break” ha! But seriously. This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for toddler boys!
  11. Wooden Toolbox: Tools are always a “winner” when it comes to boys. Levi has like 6 sets of tools, and he uses every single one!
  12. Wooden Truck Set: Trucks.. also always a solid winner with boys.

That’s it! I hope this guide has helped you find the perfect goodies to gift your loved ones this Valentine’s Day! Are there any other perfect Valentine’s gifts you love I should add? Anything I’m missing? Tell me about them in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

  1. Some very great ideas! I have a toddler in the Paw Patrol stage too and laughed when I saw Marshall. We already have it, of course!


  2. The gift ideas look great. Its also a great idea to get V Day gifts for children/toddlers. I might get something for my littles ones actually. Thanks for sharing x


  3. A docking station! I want one of these for myself! How useful! My daughters have the ‘Guess how much I love you book’. It is a book box favorite.

    Thanks for sharing these gift ideas.


  4. All great gift ideas! The book “Guess how much I love you” was our favorite book to read with our son when he was little, I have put it away with his baby book to give to him once he becomes a dad 🙂


  5. I feel ya on buying gifts for Valentines Day – in face I typically skip it. But I love these options – they are thoughtful and something I could see my husband loving. My favorite is the map and the docking station!


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