Happy New Year From My 26 Week Belly!

happy new year!! ✨ as I look back on 2017, there were so many wonderful, memorable moments that we were blessed with. from watching my son grow, learn to walk and talk, buying our first house, taking my husband and son to the grand canyon to photograph an elopement, moving in and renovating our home together, my first mother’s day, my husbands first father’s day, taking levi to portland for my dream photos, waking my husband up on his birthday to give him a positive pregnancy test, planning and celebrating levi’s first birthday, finding out we were having a baby girl, visiting columbus with my parents, designing our halloween costumes for trunk or treat, planning and hosting my sisters bridal shower, celebrating thanksgiving with family, photographing my sisters incredible wedding on the beach while also getting to walk the handsome ring bearer down the aisle, taking levi to ICE and disney springs and watching his face light up at disney’s magic, and celebrating christmas with levi in our new home… watching his face on christmas morning, carefully tearing the paper only when asked, and then wanting to spend hours playing with his new toys was pretty darn magical for us ❤️ I can’t wait to see what 2018 looks like for us as we get to meet miss abby rose, see levi become a big brother, watch my husband melt when he holds and snuggles his princess, as we finish some of the incredible home renovation projects we have in store… it’s going to be an incredible year, I can just feel it!

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