Solo Flying with a 10 Month Old

So this summer, I went on my first solo trip with Levi. On a plane. It was craziness, but we did it! I was going to visit a friend, so I couldn’t call a hotel and request a pack-n-play or call the rental car company and pay to add on a car seat. I had to bring all my own gear.

Here’s what I packed for the flight:

– Pack-n-Play + crib sheets

– Suitcase: clothes for both of us, extra diapers, overnight diapers, extra wipes, white noise machine, baby monitor, toiletries, chargers,

– Car Seat

– Ergo

– Cheap Umbrella Stroller

– Diaper Bag: diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, changing pad, motrin (hello teething), camera gear

*keep all baby liquids in a ziploc baggie so it’s easier on you through security*

– Duffel Bag: snacks, sippy cup, bottles, formula, baby food packets, iPad, toys, blanket, teddy bear, extra pair of clothes for both of us

How I carried it all through the airport:

– Baby in the Ergo on my front

– Car Seat on my back like a backpack (arms through straps)

– Pushed with one hand: Diaper bag over the umbrella stroller handles, duffel bag in the stroller seat

– Pushed with the other hand: Pack-n-play rested on top of rolling suitcase

*thankfully the pack-n-play and the car seat are considered by airlines to be free checked bags.. so you only have to get them from the car to the ticket counter and from baggage claim to your vehicle! that lightens your load significantly!*

When you get to security, my suggestion is to keep the baby in the Ergo. Take off your shoes and put everything else on the belt (formula + packets + any liquids in sippy cups or bottles have to be hand checked, so go ahead and take those out and put them in their own bin) , and walk right through the metal detector with the baby strapped in the Ergo. This keeps them from running off and keeps you hands free for unpacking and repacking your bags for security.

On the flight, the only thing I can recommend is to get on at the last minute so baby doesn’t have to sit still for longer than necessary, pray the people next to you love kids, pray they have a changing table on board (or you’ll have to use your seat), and bring out all the snacks, ipad episodes, and toys it takes to keep them occupied! And may the odds be ever in your favor. 😉

Oh! One more thing. If they take a pacifier, make sure to give it to them during takeoff and landing. If they don’t, have them sip water or milk (or whatever they’re drinking at this age). This will help keep their ears from popping and keep the flight from being miserable for everyone involved.

Happy flying!!


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