Levi’s Woodland First Birthday Party.


I had so much fun planning this party for my little wild one! To have all our friends and family there to celebrate his life was so special, and it is a day I will never forget.

I love you, my little wild thing. ❤

For those of you asking, here’s where I found the items I purchased for Levi’s party:

  1. Teepee
  2. ONE Banner (I cut off ribbons to simplify)
  3. ONE Wooden Crown
  4. Wild ONE Shirt
  5. ONE Balloon
  6. ONE Wood Slice Cake Topper
  7. Twig “1” Cake Topper
  8. Wooden Animal Cake Toppers: These were Ostheimer wooden animal figures. To my knowledge, they don’t make them anymore, but they can often be found by searching on Etsy (where I found them) and Ebay.
  9. Wooden Plates
  10. Wooden Silverware
  11. Birch Tree Straws
  12. White Cups
  13. Welcome Sign
  14. Woodland Animal Cookie/Sandwich Cutters and These
  15. White Tablecloths (I have used these over and over since!)
  16. Bubble Favors (spray painted white + modge podge for labels)
  17. Hedgehog Dessert (dipped in melted chocolate + rolled in chopped pecans)
  18. Wood Cake Stands: These were DIY projects. We found large stumps and thicker branches in some of our neighbors brush piles. With a little bit of sanding, some wood glue, and a single screw in each one for added stability, we had almost-free cake stands!
  19. Acorn Desserts: These were Hershey Kisses, Vanilla Wafers, and mini toffee kisses stuck together with a little bit of melted chocolate. Super easy!
  20. Bear Claws: These were brownie mix, thickened up to act more like cookies (we googled a recipe for this), and the claws were almond slivers.


This post includes affiliate links. I only include links to items I personally love.

4 thoughts on “Levi’s Woodland First Birthday Party.

  1. I’m planning Weston’s first birthday and there is so much inspiration here! Levi’s party was beautiful and classic. Where did you find the plates and silverware and all the tree stump platters? I was on Amazon this morning looking for something similar.


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