Levi’s Turns One!

Can someone please tell me how my baby is ONE?! This can’t be happening… he’s still my tiny baby making newborn grunts and working on tummy time, right? RIGHT??


To my precious boy,

Happy birthday my littlest love! 💕 I can’t believe how quickly this year how flown. 10:51am on Sunday, August 7th 2016 you came into this world, and you have changed our lives forever. Your daddy and I have loved watching you grow and learn this year. You have constantly amazed us with how you determined you are to hit every milestone months before you should. We have loved watching your personality just explode these past 2 months. You have such a special way of brightening everyone’s day with your sweet spirit and even sweeter snuggles, and you just love making everyone laugh by being silly! You are so inquisitive, always studying everyone around you and asking “what’s that?” You love dinosaurs and saying roar, Paw Patrol, dogs of any kind, reading books, kissing your toys, sharing your snacks (even the half eaten ones), cars and making car noises, tools, balls and anything that closely resembles a ball, eating, wrestling with daddy, clapping, listening to and playing music, being in the water, and you love being around people! You’ve even started raising your hands in worship with us this month, and it makes our hearts just explode. 💙 Your daddy and I love you so much baby boy! We can’t wait to see how much you grow this next year!!


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