A Lavender Field and My Baby Boy

It has always been a dream of mine to have professional photos taken in a lavender field. I am obsessed with lavender. There. I said it. I am completely and totally in love with everything lavender. I have bundles all over my house, my shampoo and conditioner are lavender scented, I have lavender essential oils diffusing in our house every day.. our wedding was even full of lavender! Sadly, every time we were near lavender fields for photos, the lavender was not in bloom in that area. My heart was broken over and over. In the south of France… in Oregon for my maternity photos… no lavender. But friends, my dream finally came true this summer when I flew to Portland to stay with a friend. We drove over an hour to get there, but there was the heavenly sight of rows and rows of lavender… there for our photos! ❤ It was so special to be there with Levi. To have these special moments captured forever, in the same dress I wore for my maternity photos from last summer in Oregon. We smelled lavender together, picked some to put in mama’s basket, walked through the rows together. I was so happy, I cried. I will always cherish these photos and hope to someday come back with our whole family for a little family session!

Mamas! Please, please remember to budget for professional photos with your babies every year. Mothers aren’t in enough photos with their children, and it’s so, so, so important. Make sure you’re in the everyday iphone photos too, but professional family photos (with you in them!) cannot be replaced. Your children will hang those on their walls for years and years to come.

Thank you so, so much to my dear friend Lexia Frank for these precious memories. ❤


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