4 months + Levi’s first solid food!

Four months already! You are growing so fast!! You figured out you can put your feet in your mouth, they have become your favorite teething toy! You had your first thanksgiving dinner, gave mama her first kisses that day (all over her face, just like she does with you!) You decorated your first Christmas tree (3 trees in fact), moved into your big boy stroller seat, and started napping in your Dockatot. You gifted your first Operation Christmas Child shoe box for a little boy around your age..  a Mickey Mouse tool set! You were dedicated at church by the same man who married your mama and daddy. That was such a special moment for us! We took our very first family Christmas card photo, and took you to see Santa at the mall. You talked and smiled at Santa so much, it was adorable! You’ve also been helping mama wrap lots of presents under the Christmas tree, and you had your very first solid food! You had organic pumpkin and you loved it!! You are such a joy my littlest love, and we are so excited for your very first Christmas this month!

I love this progression! From his first bite, to the “omg, where has this been all my life?!” look on his face, to trying to grab the spoon out of our hands, and then the last one with pumpkin everywhere!

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