Three months 

You are three months old today and are growing so fast! Your little hands are always in your mouth thanks to those darn teeth, and since you have discovered “bouncing” you haven’t stopped! You will stand and bounce all day with anyone that will hold you. You smile so big when you see mama and daddy from across the room, you have mastered tummy time, and you rolled over from your belly to your back this month! You’ve also discovered mirrors, and you love making silly faces at yourself. 🙂 This month, you went to your first horse show, experienced your first cold weather, went to the zoo for the first time, learned to reach for things and pull them into your mouth, learned to splash in the bathtub, started bouncing in your bouncer seat, went to the pumpkin patch, wore your very first bow tie (you were so handsome), got to dress up for a full week for your first halloween, and made a best friend… Henry the Hippo! We also took you Christmas shopping for the first time! This has been such a huge month for you sweet boy! Mama and daddy love you so much!!

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