Levi’s birth story, part 2. 

At about 5:30am, the epidural did a weird thing and wore off on the entire left side of my body. It made the contractions somewhat bearable, but still crazy painful. 

Our families showed up around 9am and hung out in the waiting room waiting for Levi to make his entrance! My mom came in to bring a box of donuts for post-baby, but she had to leave shortly thereafter because it was getting close to pushing time and we had to limit the number of people in the room. 

Dan prayed over me through transition and then it was time to push!!

I pushed for about 15 minutes, locking onto the voice of my Scottish labor and delivery nurse through every push. Then, we heard his little cry and we both started sobbing! I have never seen my husband cry so much in our 7 years together. He was such a proud daddy! 

10:51am on Sunday, August 7th 2016, Levi Elihu Jacobs entered the world at 7lbs 5oz and 19 inches long. Our perfect little angel baby! 

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